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I have been reading so much about skin layering and how about amazing that it could do to the skin.  Much to all those Korean rave about their skincare.  Well, for me it depends on your skin type and the products as well as the place that you are in.  The truth is I don’t think layering products does any amazing results to my skin at all.  Again I wouldn’t say that my skin is totally amazing 24/7 but it does get better.
I have been trying this “layering products after products” thinking that it will work out to heal, brighten, hydrate, anti ageing and prevent acne for I think as long as I remembered.  Not to mentioned the holes it leave inside my pocket to buy all those products claimed to be amazing after reading bloggers claimed that it did so much good to them.  Well, I would say all this “layering thing” doesn’t work at all for a person with my skin in my country having this kind of weather.
This is why I say so:

1)      Doesn’t work for Acne Prone Sensitive skin
Malaysia is really humid and hot so layering all those products on my skin cause clogged pores to a person with a sensitive& acne prone skin like me.  Instead of getting baby like skin, I ended up with more pimples and more cystic acne because my skin is literary “drown” in all those skincare products.
No use of forcing the skin to “drink” all those up when it is still inflamed and sensitive skin means it is refusing to accept skincare products.  I would say keep it simple instead of layering products after products hoping that it work faster to achieve the desire effect.  Use products meant for sensitive acne prone skincare instead of too many skincare for different reasons.  You can tackle those problems later.
I am also working on getting rid of my sensitivity and dark spots now after I manage to get rid of my pimples.  Not to mentioned that you save money in the long run.  No use to buy so many products and not using them and ended up throwing them inside the bin.
I will only use a little moisturizer (emulsion) on my dry area and sunscreen in the morning.  At night, cleanser and after that essence or pimples gel if I have pimples or sleeping mask.  After all, it is only important to keep the skin hydrated instead drowning the skin.
I guess layering may work with those having dry skin so all those extras moisturizing does benefits but not for my skin. =(

2)       Too many Chefs  spoil the broth  
The title said it all.  Too much of a good thing spoil everything.  Imaging having 10 products on your skin and hoping everything will be absorbed 70% by the skin?  I don’t think so.  Imagine if I force you to have 10 full course tailored made with all the nutrient meal for dinner and hoping that you will have amazing skin and body by the end of the 7 days.  I am sure I will puke or throw away the meal when someone is not looking.  Well, that says the same about the skin.  I don’t think that the skin will able to “drink” everything up as the purpose of skin is to protect the skin from outside attack and not to “eat” everything up.  We have our mouth to do that.  That is why diets play major roles as well as our lifestyle while skincare products are aids to achieving a beautiful skin.
Moreover, how much do you know about the ingredients inside those products that doesn’t deactivated the other supposedly amazing products?  Most of us are not doctors , pharmacist or people who are able to decoded all the ingredients inside the products.   I admit I can’t and I have only learned the ingredients that clogged my pores through trial and errors.  So, even finding just one skincare products that is suitable for us is already taking so much time and what more if we need to find the right mixture of 10 products for our skin?  That we haven’t added up with the technique to apply and the changes in our skin.  Gosh, I think it can take me forever since my skin is just so picky and I can only afford drugstore products for the time being.
I guess not many people will believe me since most will choose to have the placebo effect (means having more on the skin will make the skin look better) 

I went to a few facials and ended up dissatisfied because many of these so called experts claimed that having so many products on the skin will help me to get rid of my sensitivity and not thinking about my acne prone problem. Those products are not free.  Even if it is free, I will still dislike it.  Well, it doesn’t make my skin amazing and those layering products caused me to break out.  However, the breakout wasn’t that bad, I was happy that I didn’t buy any of the products.  It confirmed that my skin dislike “layering” even when everyone said that layering does the skin wonders.

Sorry, it just doesn’t work for me.  I prefer to keep it simple and easy on my pocket too.

What says you on this topic?  Or do you like layering skincare products?

The opinions expressed here are my own and honest as always.

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